Media Employment Attorney Discusses Terminating an Employee Without Severance Benefits

 Delaware County Employment Attorney Discusses Terminating an Employee Without Severance BenefitsAs an experienced Media Employment Attorney I will occasionally be asked how an employer can terminate and employee without giving them severance benefits.  A lot of employers offer severance payment to their terminated employees thought it isn’t required under state or federal statute. One of the benefits that employers find in providing the severance payment is that you can secure a separation agreement from your former employee and what this does is foreclose the possibility of future litigation or complaints being filed by a potentially disgruntled employee with either the EEOC, which is the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. Although you may not believe that there is any threat of liability to your firm or your business, the investment is usually a good one in offering an upfront payment for the certainty that you won’t be incurring legal fees in the future.

Are you considering terminating an employee without severance benefits?  If so, contact the experienced Media Employment Attorney Paul Fellman.

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