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5 Ronnie Schmidt via

I have personally known Ted Perkins for over 50 years while we were students at Penn State University and members of the same fraternity. Ted is an outstanding lawyer, with outstanding credentials, and an outstanding way of solving problems. Highly recommended.

5 Maria via

I have used Paul Fellman as my Attorney for approximately 6 years now. He is very thorough and always well prepared. I originally hired Paul to handle a Legal Malpractice Case and then used him again for a very involved Estate Case involving many parties. Mr Fellman is true professional and was easily accessible to me whenever I had questions. With so many Attorneys involved in this particular case, representing other parties, I always felt 100% confident in my Attorney. Both cases had a positive outcome for me. I would definitely recommend Paul Fellman to anyone who asked.

5 Bobbi via

Attorney Siddons and his legal staff were caring, compassionate, accommodating and most importantly professionally non judgemental from the very 1st phone call to his office. He returned a call to me almost immediately after my initial contact with his Media office with whom I was able and encouraged to leave a personal, distraught, detailed message outlining the upsetting details of my bankruptcy situation. The entire process was addressed from start to finish in the most efficient and compassionate way possible. I will DEFINATELY recommend this Attorney and his legal team to any and all of my personal and professional acquaintances! Worth every penny!

5 Maria via

I’d hired Paul Fellman after spoken to several different lawyers from different law firm because he was the most sincere. Paul did an excellent job on my landlord tenant issue I had on my rental property. He was there for me from the beginning to the end of the whole ordeal. I was very satisfied and I highly recommend him and his firm.

5 Brian via

I consulted Paul about a matter involving a party that had acted in very bad faith with regards to an agreement. He was sympathetic and helpful, and most importantly listened to the whole story. Beyond that, he was patient and professional. I’m grateful that he pointed out some very key points for the matter to help me move forward that I would have never know if not for his expertise and ability to cut down to the important points and summarize them for me. I’ve had some bad experiences with lawyers in the past, but Paul has proved to be both a good lawyer and overall a very good human being. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance who is looking for an easily approachable and very competent lawyer.

5 anonymous via

Michael represented me on my real estate tax appeal. He is very knowledgable and responsive. The outcome of my appeal is very good — my real estate tax was reduced by almost 15%. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in similar circumstances.

5 Sam Chruscz via

Paul Fellman was an absolute delight to work with. Outstanding attention to details, Kept us up to date on status of our case and worked hard for a resolution. I would highly refer him, and would absolutely use this firm again.

5 Mark via

I spent months deadlocked with a phone company over a large disputed amount of money. Hours of phone calls to different departments and dozens of emails had gotten me nowhere. At my wits’ end, I turned to Paul to help resolve the situation. Paul was knowledgable, attentive, and assertive in his approach. Within days of Paul contacting the company on my behalf, I received two calls from different departments apologizing for the undue damages and promising a swift resolution. I could not have been happier with the entire process and would gladly recommend Paul!

5 Justin Galczynski via

Mike was such a huge help in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process. His assistance was invaluable, and from start-to-finish, I had nothing but a professional and efficient experience. I would highly recommend Mike not only for his top-level work, but also for his highly-affordable legal costs. A great lawyer at a fair price, I can’t recommend Mike highly enough.

5 Maria Twining via

I highly Recommend Gibson & Perkins.  I have used their services for approximately 6 years now and been through a few cases together with very positive outcomes.  Personally, I have used Paul Fellman and Walter Timby on those occasions.  Both, as a team & separately these Attorneys were wonderful to work with and easily accessible to reach if I had any questions.  Professionalism is the word that comes to mind to describe the firm, as a whole.  Always completely prepared for any surprises that may pop up during a trial.  They were well versed on all pertinent info pertaining to each case.  As I client, I always felt I was an integral part of the team, not an after-thought, that had to be brought up to speed a half hour before the trial started.  I could not recommend this firm and Mr. Fellman and Mr. Timby any higher.

5 Colleen via

Paul represented my sister and I in a lengthy and difficult case. He was very informative, aggressive when he needed to be and always took the time out of his day to answer our questions and discuss our options or next steps. He was a great person to have on our side and I felt he was truly invested in helping us to the end. I would recommend Paul to my closest friends and family!

5 George via

Michael did our Stone Harbor Tax Appeal from beginning to end. He outlined the steps, gave us our options, provided the paperwork, kept us updated, and negotiated the process. We are 100 % satisfied, couldn’t be happier!

5 Alan Cheung via

I’d hired Paul Fellman after spoken to several different lawyers from different law firm because he was the most sincere. Paul did an excellent job on my landlord tenant issue I had on my rental property. He was there for me from the beginning to the end of the whole ordeal. I was very satisfied and I highly recommend him and his firm.

5 Rachel via

Mike was an amazing support to my family during a very difficult time. He helped us through bankruptcy, serious illness and an unexpected inheritance. I didn’t feel like I was dealing with a lawyer but a real person who genuinely was looking out for my best interests. Mike has compassion that he cannot help but incorporate into his practice. He’s a lawyer with a big heart and a gifted mind, a great combination. Highly recommend his services.

5 Frank via

Michael surveyed the problem, let me know my options, and then helped to resolve it.

This problem was hanging over my head for almost 7 years. In 3 months it was gone and resolved.

Mike treated me like a human being – he explained the problem, and we resolved it together.

5 Kyle via

Michael Siddons is a great lawyer. I highly recommend him for bankruptcy. He saved me from aggravating calls from collector’s. I have a new outlook to becoming debt free.

5 Franchesca via

Micheal understands the importance of the attorney/client relationship in the scope of law. Micheal navigated me through the complexities of bankruptcy law. I was ecstatic to find his fee scale reasonable for his responsive and accommodating services. Michael Siddon’s professionalism and knowledge was a life jacket on me during this troubled economy. Micheal earned mountains of respect and gratitude from me. In addition, Mike makes a fresh financial start accessible to a client in financial distress coupled with his affordable fees and legal acumen.

Thank you

5 Daren via

Mr. Siddons came to my home gave me great advice and most important he communicate with you at all times, everything was filed right away, his services has been very professional.

5 Robert via

Mr. Siddons was by far the best attorney to do my chapter 7 bankruptcy case for me.
from start to end he went above and beyond his job detail to make me feel very comfortable and less stressed about my bankruptcy.
I only wish there were more attorneys like him. He took his time to explain everything about my case but was super fast at getting things done. Thank you. Robert. A. Kelsesky..
. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done

5 Jessica and Nicholas via

Always responded when I needed answers and if he didnt have time he would let me know. He was straight to the point with everything and never let us down. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone who needs bankruptcy assistance.

5 Gary via

I was always amazed at the depth of Michael’s knowledge and the results were beyond what I expected. I felt totally at ease in speaking with him and will trust him in the future should the need arise.

5 Larry via

Michal is a knowledgeable and excellent attorney. He has done an excellent job for our company. We are a better company because of Michal.