Media Lawyer Discusses Getting a Second Opinion

 Delaware County Lawyer Discusses Getting a Second OpinionAs an experienced Media Lawyer clients will often ask me if they should get a second opinion on their matter.  You should absolutely get a second opinion if you’re having a problem with your lawyer. That is important to remember because, we always say this, the client drives the bus for the case, not the lawyer. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to your lawyer and critically evaluate the advice they give you, but if you’re having problems with the attorney, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to a new potential attorney and letting them know, “Hey, I’m having some issues. I’ve got this case going on. Would you be interested in looking into it?” I don’t want to tell you to be outright deceitful, but if you alert your attorney that you are shopping around for another attorney, although it shouldn’t, it may affect his or her behavior and it may affect the work they do on your behalf. It might be something you want to keep close to the vest, but then again, be professional and be responsible and let everyone know if you’re having an issue with them and try to get it resolved in that manner. It’s definitely the fastest way.

Are you thinking about getting a second opinion from a different lawyer?  If so, contact the experienced Media Lawyer Patrick Gibson.

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