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Can You Recover Damages from the Parents When a Child is Injured By Another?

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As an experienced Media PA Personal Injury Lawyer, I am often asked if a child can recover damages from being injured by another child.

  • When one is injured by a person under 18, recovery from the child – or the child’s parents – depends on the type of tort committed.
  • Children are generally liable for intentional torts such as battery, trespass, etc.
  • Although children can be liable for negligence, they may be held to a lower standard of behavior than adults. Adults are held to the standard of a reasonably prudent person, while children are measured against a child of like age, experience, and knowledge.
  • If the child is engaged in an adult activity – such as driving or operating a motor vehicle – they are held to the adult standard.
  • Depending on jurisdiction, parents may be vicariously liable for their child’s torts. Parents may be liable based on their failure to supervise their child.

Was your child severely injured by the negligence of another child?  Contact dedicated Media PA Personal Injury Lawyer Patrick Gibson for guidance.

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