Media PA Legal Malpractice Attorney

 Do We Need Expert Witnesses for a Legal Malpractice Case?

Our experienced Media PA Legal Malpractice Attorneys know how attorney malpractice can affect innocent victims.  We are committed to holding attorneys accountable when they breach their ethical or fiduciary duties.

As an experienced Media PA Legal Malpractice Attorney, I often speak to my clients of the use of expert witnesses when taking a malpractice case to trial.

  • Clients’ concerns include potential expenses in pursuing their legal malpractice law suit.
  • Clients must understand that expert witness are, by far, the biggest expense in malpractice cases.
  • Expert witnesses are necessary to prove an attorney deviated from the acceptable standard of care.
  • Proving your attorney breached their duty requires expert testimony by another attorney to instruct the jury about the standard of care.

Do you think you legal malpractice case will need to go to trial?  Contact dedicated Media PA Legal Malpractice Attorney Patrick Gibson to fight for you.

This educational video was brought to you by experienced Media PA Legal Malpractice Attorney Patrick Gibson.