Media Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Dog Owner Responsibility in New Jersey

 New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Owner ResponsibilityAs an experienced Media Personal Injury Lawyer I am often asked whether or not the owner will be held responsible.  New Jersey is probably some of the most fertile ground in the country with respect to dog bite plaintiffs The reason is this; in New Jersey, by statute, a dog owner is liable in any instance where that dog bites someone regardless of the severity of the injury. In fact, in New Jersey if you have a dog with known vicious propensities, you actually are still responsible even if it attacks a trespasser. This is much different than in many jurisdictions where there is always a preclusion from suing if you are on the property illegally trespassing or with the intent to commit a criminal act. In New Jersey if you have a dog and it’s known to have vicious propensities, you may want to think about giving that dog away or terminating the dog. I know that sounds harsh, but you are opening yourself up to liability.

Are you wondering if the owner of the dog you were bit by will be held responsible?  If so, contact the experienced Media Personal Injury Lawyer Patrick Gibson.

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