Media Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Being Limited to Workers Comp on an at Work Injury

Media Personal Injury AttorneyWhen I get calls as a Media Personal Injury Attorney from potential clients who have been injured on the job, one of their first questions is, “Am I limited to the workers’ compensation set forth under the state statute?” In most cases, the answer is yes. If you were injured as a result of some negligent act or omission on the part of your employer, you are limited to workers’ compensation which will generally cover your out-of-work pay and your medical bills. You won’t be able to recover for pain and suffering or non-economic harm. One caveat does exist, however. If some third party is responsible for your injury, you can pursue that third party under a general tort theory and will not be limited to workers’ compensation.

Have you or a loved one been injured at work and wonder if you are limited to worker’s comp?  Contact dedicated Media Personal Injury Attorney Patrick Gibson for guidance.

This educational blog was brought to you by experienced Media Personal Injury Attorney Patrick K. Gibson (Of Counsel).  Our law firm proudly represents clients throughout Media, as well as Pennsylvania, the greater Philadelphia area, Delaware and New Jersey.

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