Media Slip and Fall Lawyer on The Differences Between the Duty Owed by a Private Landowner and a Business Owner

Media Slip and Fall Lawyer

As a Media Slip and Fall Lawyer, I am frequently contacted by clients who were injured on someone else’s property. These premises liability claims are also referred to as slip and fall claims and clients often ask us about the difference between claims made against a private landowner on whose property you are a guest, versus those against a business on whose property you are a potential customer. There is a large distinction between these two scenarios.

If you are the guest of a private land owner, you are what’s called a licensee and that landowner owes you a duty to warn you about and protect you from concealed, dangerous conditions of which the land owner has some knowledge. That’s a lower standard than what is owed to you from a business owner’s perspective because the business owner has a duty to not only to warn and protect you from those dangers, but also to take reasonable steps to inspect their property and remedy those dangers.

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