Media Accident Lawyer Explains How to Avoid an Early Settlement with Multiple Wrongdoers

Media Accident LawyerAs an experienced Media Accident Lawyer, I got a call the other day from a potential client who had been injured in an accident that involved multiple wrongful parties. One of the parties wanted to settle with her early on and she reached out to us because she was curious about the potential effect settling with that one party might have on her claim against the others. That question is a perfect illustration of why it is extremely important to engage an attorney immediately upon sustaining an injury because, if the release language is very broad and general, it’s totally possible to release all of the parties by settling with just one of them. You need an attorney to help you navigate those waters. Secondly, depending on your state’s application of joint and several liability principles, settling with one party could affect the amount you can recover from the remaining parties. For these and many other reasons, you should certainly consult a personal injury lawyer.

Have you been in a serious accident with multiple wrongdoers?  Contact dedicated Media Accident Lawyer Patrick Gibson to fight for you.

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