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Are There Any Remedies to Reduce Your Real Estate Tax Rate?

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A lot of times clients will ask our experienced Media Real Estate Lawyers what can be done if they think their tax bill is higher than normal.

  • You will be required to visit the tax assessor’s office and fill out form for an appeal for a real estate tax assessment.
  • You will be granted a hearing which you will need to have pictures of equitable values or hire an appraiser to assess the property and show that it is over estimated.
  • You will be granted a reduction if your fair market value is below common level ratio at 67.8%.
  • You however can see a rise if you add a pool, addition, or over all improved. But you will have the right to appeal this rise.

Has your real estate tax gone up significantly from the past years?  Contact our experienced Media Real Estate Lawyers to help.

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