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What Should Be My First Steps After a Car Accident?

The experienced Media Personal Injury Attorneys at Gibson & Perkins, PC offer a full range of of legal services to individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own.  We fight aggressively to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Often times as experienced Media Personal Injury Attorneys, we will be asked what to do after you have an injury causing car accident.

  • If you can, get contact information of witnesses and insurance of anyone involved.
  • You will want to get pictures of the scene, and any other items that added to the injury.

Have you been injured in a serious car accident?  Contact our experienced Media Personal Injury Attorneys to fight for you.

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Out of Town Legal Resources

We get a lot of calls from people who get injured on vacation in other areas. We primarily help people that are injured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. That said, we are constantly looking for attorneys and online resources that can help people injured in other parts of the country. We found an excellent personal injury firm in Buffalo, NY that also provides a lot of great online resources. If you are ever injured in New York check out their New York Personal Injury Guide