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What Should I Consider When Creating a Lease?

Our experienced Media Landlord Tenant Lawyers offer customized legal solutions to protect and advance the rights of landlords and property owners.

As experienced Media Landlord Tenant Lawyers we often speak to clients about what they need to consider when making a lease for a tenant.

  • You will want to identify each person living in the property on the lease. This keeps them responsible for any property damage or if they do not pay rent.
  • You will also want to state the length of the lease, from month to month or yearly.
  • Adding additional requests will also need to be included, like pets, parking or maintenance.

Are you a landlord creating a lease for a tenant and need to know what to add?  Contact our experienced Media Landlord Tenant Lawyers for help.

This educational video was brought to you by experienced Media Landlord Tenant Lawyer Paul Fellman.


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