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How Do I Go About Splitting from My Business Partner?

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Often times as experienced Media Business Attorneys, we will get asked by a client how they should split from their business partner.

  • The best course of action would be to review your business agreement documents and see the stipulations there in regards to termination.
  • If you are mutually separating the company, you can agree to split different assets of the business.
  • If only one partner is leaving the business, you will have to go into negotiations to determine the value of the business, and then work out a payout.
  • We will work out an exit agreement to state how both parties go forth after the dissolution or buyout.
  • If you are a majority owner of the company, you can reduce their perks to force them out.

Do you own a business and want to split from your partner?  Contact our dedicated Media Business Attorneys for help.

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