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What Can Be Done if I was Attacked at a Business?

The experienced Media Personal Injury Lawyers at Gibson & Perkins, PC offer a full range of of legal services to individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own.  We fight aggressively to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

In many occasions our dedicated Media Personal Injury Lawyers will get asked if you can file a personal injury claim against a business if you were assaulted or attacked.

  • In Pennsylvania you cannot take action against a property owner for being assaulted by another person.
  • You can bring suit, if the person at the business has been a known danger and the business did not take any action to rectify the problem.
  • If you have been assaulted on a business property, if you can get witness contact information and inform the building management.

Have you been assaulted or attacked at a business in Pennsylvania?  Contact our experienced Media Personal Injury Lawyers to fight for you.

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