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What Should I Do If I Slip and Fall on Ice or Snow?

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We are often asked as experienced Media Personal Injury Attorneys what can be done if you are injured from a slip and fall on ice or snow.

  • In Pennsylvania there is a law called the Hills and Ridges Doctrine, this means the snow or ice must have been left untreated for a period of time and has formed a dangerous “hill” because of an owner’s negligence.
  • If you fall on black ice that was caused by a person’s negligence, you may have a case under the isolated ice patch theory. This could come from a pile of melting snow that drifted to the sidewalk and froze.
  • However, an owner is not responsible if you fall during a blizzard or storm as this is not a human caused error.

Have you seriously injured yourself on a slip and fall accident on ice or snow?  Contact our experienced Media Personal Injury Attorneys to fight for you.

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