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The Differences Between an Intentional Wrong Act and a Negligent Act

Our experienced Media PA Legal Malpractice Attorneys know how attorney malpractice can affect innocent victims.  We are committed to holding attorneys accountable when they breach their ethical or fiduciary duties.

As an experienced Media PA Legal Malpractice Attorney, I often explain to customers the differences between an intentional wrong act and a negligent act.

  • It’s important to distinguish between situations in which an attorney made an error and those where he or she intentionally took a wrongful action.
  • Because intentional wrongful acts reflect an attorney’s ethical standards, sanctions may be imposed by the disciplinary board.
  • Negligence simply indicates that the attorney made a mistake and don’t rise to the level of an ethical breach
  • Negligence cases are usually covered by insurance, but intentional wrongful acts are almost never covered.

Do you feel that your lawyer has committed an intentional wrong act?  Contact dedicated Media PA Legal Malpractice Attorney Patrick Gibson to fight for you.

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