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What Expenses Can be Incurred during a Legal Malpractice Case?

Our experienced Media Legal Malpractice Lawyers know how attorney malpractice can affect innocent victims.  We are committed to holding attorneys accountable when they breach their ethical or fiduciary duties.

We are often asked as dedicated Media Legal Malpractice Lawyers what type of expenses can incur during a malpractice case.

  • Most of your expenses will be incurred from deposition fees and hiring investigators.
  • The largest expense comes from hiring an expert which fulfills the requirement to determine whether the case has merit or not.
  • In most cases our clients will be required to pay these fees upfront, but every case is different.

Are you concerned about the type of fees or charges that will be incurred during a malpractice suit?  Contact our experienced Media Legal Malpractice Lawyers for strong legal advice.

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