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Can I File a Legal Malpractice Suit While My Case is Pending?

Our experienced Media Legal Malpractice Lawyers know how attorney malpractice can affect innocent victims.  We are committed to holding attorneys accountable when they breach their ethical or fiduciary duties.

We often hear from prospective clients as experienced Media Legal Malpractice Lawyers that they think their attorney has done something to ruin their chances of winning a case.

  • We will send out a notice to your attorney advising of the investigation of a potential claim, and to notify their insurance carrier.
  • If the insurance carrier is amenable, we will be able to put your malpractice on hold allowing us to bypass the statute of limitations as your attorney completes your case.
  • The statute of limitations in PA, NJ, and DE all say that the clock starts to tick once the attorney made the error, not after your case is completed.

Do you think your attorney has committed malpractice while your case is still pending?  Contact our dedicated Media Legal Malpractice Lawyers for experienced help.

This educational video was brought to you by experienced Media Legal Malpractice Lawyer Patrick K. Gibson.